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Now Available!! Power CDG to AVI Ripper software allows you to convert your CDG files to DivX in one step. This software also works with many non-CDG compatible disc drives.

The Power CD+G to AVI Ripper software can be purchased from VocoPro. Contact us at (800)-678-5348 to order today.

$29.99 - If you have already purchased the Media-Jukebox*
$39.99 - For all other customers 

Click here for step by step instructions.

*Proof of purchase and serial number required

1. What operating system should my computer have in order to be compatible with the Media-Jukebox?.
PC: Microsoft Windows XP

2. Do I need to have USB 2.0 on my computer?
Yes. The Media-Jukebox can only be connected to a computer by a USB 2.0 connection. It will not work if you are using a USB version 1 connection. You may be able to simply upgrade your computer’s USB driver to version 2.0, otherwise you will have to purchase and install a USB 2.0 port into your computer.
NOTE: USB 2.0 ports are very inexpensive and can be purchased at your local computer store.

Click here to download a USB 2.0 driver for Windows 2000/ME/98.

3. Does the AC power adapter need to be connected to the Media-Jukebox when it is connected to the computer?
No. In fact, the computer will not recognize the Media-Jukebox if the AC power adapter is plugged into it. This is because the Media-Jukebox gets its power from the computer that it is connected to. The AC power adapter is only necessary when the Media-Jukebox is being used as a player and not connected to a computer.

4. Is it necessary to connect both ends of the double USB 2.0 cable to my computer?
No, it is not necessary. However, if you only have one end connected, be sure that the correct end is connected or else the computer will not recognize the Media-Jukebox.

5. How do I tell if my computer recognizes the Media-Jukebox?
PC: When you open up the MY COMPUTER folder, you will see an icon titled “Local Disc (F:)*”
* Depending on your computer, the letter of the file may be different than “F”.
MAC: A new hard drive icon will appear on your Mac OS desktop.

6. When connected to a TV, one or more of the folders in the menu appear to have no files in it even though it does contain files.
If even one of the file names in a folder contains more than 100 characters, this will cause the Media-Jukebox to be unable to display the contents of that folder on the TV screen. 

To fix:

1. Disconnect the Media-Jukebox from the TV and plug it into the computer
2. Search through the files in that folder and rename any files that contain more than 100 characters in their file-name

7. What file-types are compatible with the Media-Jukebox?
Divx, DVD, VCD, Mp3 and Photo-CD.

8. Will my karaoke (CD+G) songs work on the Media-Jukebox?

No, the Media-Jukebox is not compatible with CD+G files but if you compress your CD+G files to Divx files then they can be used on the Media-Jukebox.

9. How do I compress a CD+G file to DivX?

There are actually two available methods for compressing CD+G files to DivX. NOTE: It is essential that the CD-ROM drive on your computer is CD+G compatible. If it is not, you will not be able to do anything with CD+G files.
1. Using a CDG ripping program, you can rip each file of of the CD on to your computer’s hard drive and then run them through a DivX codec which will compress the files to DivX files.
2. Using a video capture device, you can record the video onto your hard drive and using the DR.DivX program, you can compress the files to DivX files.
NOTE: This method takes longer but it results in a higher quality of DivX file.

Visit www. VocoPro.com (Divx© Operations) for in-depth instructions on both of these methods.

10. Do I have to store my media files in the folders that are already on the Media-Jukebox?

No. Those files have been provided as an example of one way that your files can be organized. You should create new folders that organize your collection based on your specific preferences.

11. Does the Media-Jukebox automatically organize files in alphabetical order?

For best results, it is preferred that you your file-names are in the form of numbers rather than letters. This will result in a more reliable organization and easier access of your files.

12. What is the best way to organize the file names?

Begin each file name with a 5-digit number, beginning with 00001, 00002...00010, 00011, etc.
IMPORTANT: You may use 4 or 3-digit numbers but be sure that you use the same amount for the whole collection. For example, do not mix 4-digit numbers and 5-digit numbers.

13. When plugged into a TV or Monitor, all the file names are missing letters and are replaced with boxes, what is wrong?
The Media-Jukebox comes loaded with a font folder. The files in this folder provide the letters for the file names, when looking at them on a TV or monitor screen. If this folder or its contents get deleted, the file names will be missing letters. Here is what you do:

1. Download the font folder by clicking here, and save it to your desktop.
2. Unzip the file using WinZip and extract the FONTS folder to your desktop.
NOTE: If you do not already have WinZip, you can download a demo version or purchase the program here.
3. Drag the FONTS folder into your Media-Jukebox.

Now, when you connect your Media-Jukebox to a TV or Monitor, the file names should be restored.

NOTE: Be sure that you do not remove the FONTS folder or its contents.

14. My Media-Jukebox seems to be putting the songs out of order. How can I fix this?
1. Make a new folder on your computer’s hard drive
2. Drag (do not copy and paste) all the files from the Media-Jukebox into that folder
4. Click on the NAME tab in the window. This will toggle between “first to last” and “last to first”. Do this a couple times and then make sure it is in “first to last” before closing the window.
5. Delete all previous files from the Media-Jukebox
6. Drag (do not copy and paste) the folder to the Media-Jukebox
7. This should ensure that your files remain in the correct order

15. I used a different program than the Power CDG to AVI Ripper to rip my CDG files on to my hard drive and the Power CDG to AVI Ripper program does not convert them correctly. They do not play or they are scrambled when they play. What is wrong?
The Power CDG to AVI Ripper program looks for files with a .BIN extension (i.e. jailhouserock.BIN). Some CDG ripping programs create files with .CDG extension (i.e. jailhouserock.CDG). You need to rename the file’s extension to BIN before converting it with the Power CDG to AVI Ripper program.

Changing the files extension:

1. Right click on the file and click on PROPERTIES
2. Make sure the GENERAL tab is selected.
3. Delete the extension from the file name (i.e. .CDG)
4. Replace with “.BIN” and press OK.
5. Once you have done this with your files, the Power CDG to AVI Ripper should convert them successfully.

16. I am running Windows 98 and it is not recognizing the Media-Jukebox. What should I do?
Firstly, you should have Win98 Second Edition and it should be updated to the most recent version. To download the latest updates you should go to the Windows 98 website, find the most recent updates and follow their instructions.

17. How can the Media-Jukebox benefit its users?

The Media-Jukebox is the ultimate media storage solution. It eliminates the need to carry around hundreds of music CDs, Video CDs, or DVDs by allowing you to store them all in this compact hard drive and it is small enough to fit in your back pocket.
In addition to its storage capabilities, the Media-Jukebox is a full-featured media player. It is designed to be everything from your personal Mp3 player to a club-ready karaoke player with Digital Key Control. It connects directly to a TV and sound system so you can get your shows up and running in a matter of seconds. All playback functions are done via remote control making this one of the most convenient new players on the market.